NANOFUM meets the impacts expected as follows:

Provide novel technological means for achieving real-time monitoring and traceability of fumigants and other gases in stored products, with the goal of fully controlling product condition, risk of infestation and spoilage. Current methods are often based on outdated tools, or no monitoring at all, thus being prone to human error, waste, safety hazards to people and ecosystems. 

The proposed technology can be a game changer in this environment, enabling real-time, cloud-based monitoring with efficient sensors that can be placed in locations previously not possible (e.g. packaging of grains). We believe that the results of the proposed project will have a great impact on how the fumigant is applied by launching the proposed sensor technology into widespread use by fumigators. By offering real-time monitoring through our evolved, always-on sensors, we shall offer objective means for enforcing proper phosphine treatment protocols.